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So, we have mush bars, made from dirt, and mealloafs, made from meal lice. But what do we always see in low-resource dystopian futures? Algae as food! Surely, all that algae we get can be mushed up into edible bars, if freaking dirt can be made edible. It's not necesserily that imbalanced either - algae is already so critcal to the survival of the colony that the option to also make it a food source will certainly not be an easy one, with the additional strain on resources it would represent. I imagine plants will become more complicated to maintain in the future updates too, so having this as an option would be good for if you mess up your plants and dont want to risk dhioreah. (sic)

Also, having more food options in general would be great to see, especially in higher research tiers. The food systems were one of my favourate details about Don't Starve.

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