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Help With Gas Venting

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Alright, so I have a simple setup where I have my compost behind 2 airlock doors, and each of those airlocked areas has a pump in them to pump out the Contaminated Oxygen (well, any gas) into an area I'm not using.

The area I'm piping it into is under 1kg of gas per tile, meanwhile the area I'm pumping it from has over 4kg of contaminated oxygen...

It says the vent is overpressurized, so I put another vent in that area but it's still over pressurized.  Am I doing something particularly wrong here, or is this just alpha game mechanics? Because I feel like 4KG of gas per cubic meter would flow through to the area of 1kg per cubic meter without me even actually pumping it if it were real life.

The "inbetween" chamber has pretty much no gas in it, an incredibly low pressure, so that seems to be working. They're both outputting at the same area.

PS. The area I'm pumping it to is quite large, at least 200 tiles, probably. And how is this single compost producing that much, anyway ._.

EDIT: I'm an idiot, there's 4000mg, not g. 

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It's not exactly the vent being over pressurized but the tile it's blowing into.
Apparently there is a UI bug where the over pressurized status is never removed.
It goes over pressurized at 1000kg for liquids and 2kg for gases.

Note that it just needs to go over once for the UI bug to show forever,
which might just be 1 packet being exhausted when it's at 1kg.

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