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Ultimate Goal of Game?

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Hey, just curious what other people thought...

I've been playing the game and not sure what ultimate goal is right now...it seems to be to survive but until what?  Not sure if the devs are aiming for endless world building and colonies, survive until x or ...?  It doesn't feel like an endless thing really...not a factorio right?

I honestly feel like the goal is more like Age of Empires or Civilization where you get enough research done that you can kind of coast as long as you'd like, but then there is the cap on resources....

It is also late and brain hurtz

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At current stage the goal is to survive max cycles, which leads to making maximum stable and sustainable colony.

You also can set additional goals for yourself, for example, do it with max Duplicates: pickup each time bio printer gives you one, which will make game even harder :).

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