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Server station to manage power

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I'd suggest adding Server station to Stations or Power section.

Through simple graphical if-then-else procedure it could manage power.

For mainating awesomeness and beauty of the game and most important, ease of use, you could use Scratch-like visualization of functions (Scratch is objective programming language for kids).

Server itself won't be able to manage more than for instance 2 switches. To manage more of them, it would need RAM memory which then could have tech progression of tiny RAM cluster and RAM cluster (it could look like server cases).

Idea would require new items:

- Server itself

- RAM clusters (for example tiny and normal)

- Power switch driver

- Mechanized airlock driver

- Liquid sensor

- Gas sensor

- Network cable (optional)

Connecting switches/drivers could be done through existing power network or brand new intranet cable network (as a new item)

For starters conditions could be:

-> Power in network more/less than Level then toggle switch

-> Liquid Level more/less than Level then toggle switch

-> Gas Level more/less than Level then toggle switch

edit: For defining level of liquid/gas it could be either input the number or mark the area.

edit2: Creating procedure would be available on the drivers. Then you would need to choose sensor (or power network) and set up variables.

edit3: I'm adding some code sample from Scratch to better show how it could be done. As you can see, each block of code is sort of a 'puzzle piece'.


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