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Accidently created setup that does not waste water (much)

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Next hotfix to fix that hopefully comes soon, but till then this might help somebody.

I had two vents on the right to let distilled water in but when I turned a pump on I noticed about every 3rd chunk of water makes it through. That got me thinking and resulted in this.

4 vents let only enough chunks through to not be destroyed sitting before the valve. That one produces about 1kg chunks that make it into electrolyser. It is not ideal, but hell lot better then it swallowing 10 kg/s.

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i usually split them into several valves, but this.. this actually pretty smart...


but, i'm not sure if the vent also working as intended. i mean. you could just losing as much water as before.


regarding to this thread.

you still lose some water, but i guess it's not losing as much water as before.


but i think i'll just stick to seperate them into several valve like now until the hotfix

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