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Advanced Building Idea : Algae Photobioreactor

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As an upgrade to the algae terrarium, why not build a large-scale photobioreactor? With neon green glass tubes, integrated pumps, bubbles, and maybe even a fish in a tank, I'm sure it would make for some great artwork. I'm picturing this as an advanced building that is part of a multi-building system, similar to the hydrogen generator and the air conditioner.

  • Requires power, light, and a constant supply of CO2, fertilizer, and fresh water. Not to mention some algae to get it going. 
  • Works best if intake water is exactly 25°C
  • Produces oxygen and some excess algae.
  • If its needs aren't met then the algal culture dies and needs to be restocked. The reactor takes a cycle or two to breed back up to the required biomass.

I also think that algae should be an ingredient in mushbars and that algae terrariums should not require restocking of algae after the starter culture if you take good care of them.

I was also thinking that as an advanced building the PBR could have additional photosynthesis tubes (like liquid pipe, but clear with green stuff inside). The tubing would have to run under lighting and back to the PBR main building, forming a raceway. The longer the raceway, the greater the resources produced and the greater the resources the PBR consumes. But in ONI I think this could more easily be represented by just building additional PBR buildings in the same room. I also was thinking that the PBR might consume the carbonated water produced by the carbon scrubber, but I'm not sure where the devs are taking us in terms of complex systems and advanced products made from multiple ingredients. 


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