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Permadeath mode

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Permadeath mode would just be as simple as banning on death, then resetting ban-list on world reset. Maybe not unbanning those who didn't die...


Another permadeath mode could be that once the 6 slots are full, they're full. In the sense of, nobody can join. The same 6 people will keep coming back (designed for groups)


Perhaps sleepers would be cool too, so when you leave you're still physically there and can take damage from enemies or other players in PVP.

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I heavily support this, the removal of permadeath in DST, truly kills the DS aspect of it.

However I think that banning is too harsh, it would be more dynamic if once a player died, they would keep being a ghost, but invisible, literally invisible. Close to a "spectator mode". The ghost would only revive through a touchstone otherwise it's permadeath.

This can concept can be kind of modded through removing tell-tale hearts, but I think an overhaul would be better.

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It could be really interesting to have a mode in which ghosts fade out after a certain amount of time, representing their weakening connection with the physical world.  You could even have their interactions with the world become different, turning them into either unseen antagonists or maybe even keys to certain events, depending on what the player desires.  Maybe add an entire gameplay element to being dead that isn't just haunting stuff, like secrets that only ghosts can see and reveal.

This could open avenues for ghost-friendly and unfriendly structures/items to perhaps detect or repel hauntings, communicate with the dead, etc.

There's a lot of potential in permanent death, no matter what game you're playing.  I'd like to see it used more in online games as a system as well as a consequence, not just the latter.

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