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  1. The Lifegiving Amulet has a tuning value for how much conversion it does, but when checking hunger to see if it should make this conversion, it checks against a static value of 5, as opposed to the conversion rate dictated by tuning.
  2. Not that this is the most game-breaking issue, but I'm sure it's not intentional
  3. Currently in the code the only thing that improves their health from 1 is the duelist's function, which sets it to 75. The way they have that code laid out makes it seem like this was no mistake. The only tuning variable that exists for puppet health is the duelist one, too. It really is too bad you can't pump nightmare fuel into them to increase their maximum health up to a point.
  4. Sounds like someone forgot to tell the spawner to nil out its child and start respawning, since the spawner component only natively does this when its child dies. I'll bet turning to moon (or being mined out) doesn't count as death. Should be an easy enough fix. Spawner could stand to be a little more robust anyway, if its intent is to be the big component for spawning a consistent special creature. Or I suppose they could just horribly wedge a mile long if v.components.homeseeker and v.components.homeseeker.home and v.componenents.homeseeker.home.components.spawner then v.components.homeseeker.home.components.spawner.child = nil v.components.homeseeker.home.components.spawner:SpawnWithDelay(v.components.homeseeker.home.components.spawner.delay) end between lines 176 and 177 of moonbeastspawner. Hounds use their own childspawner though so that probably demands its own exception, but maybe it's better at filing its corpses than spawner is.
  5. Sorry, should have done one of these to make it less ambiguous. Took less tries than I expected, too. Most of my pieces larger than 4x4 that I can't afford to have fail to show up just have IGNORE_IMPASSABLE_BARREN_RESERVED, because despite doing exactly this where I place the pieces in their own special rooms and in the center of said rooms, it seems they cannot 100% reliably generate unless you give them that mask. I would love if there were some better placement control options that aren't "chance to fail" and "so much brute force that if a node spawns funny it plants a huge set piece in a place that looks disgustingly inappropriate"
  6. Many of the new reign static layouts use the previously unused IGNORE_BARREN_RESERVED start and fill masks for their placement, which are still prone to failure unlike--as far as I know the only one that actually does anything--IGNORE_IMPASSABLE_BARREN_RESERVED. I hate the ugliness that mask can produce too, but I suspect worlds aren't supposed to be without MoonbaseOne.