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Controls HELP!

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My friend gifted me dont starve together new reigns for my birthday, when i installed it and open it on steam i ran into issues. i cant select anything in the menu, it keeps moving the cursor back to the same thing. I cant go into options and fix anything because the cursor keeps going back to that same item.


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Hello @digitalfirephoenix, welcome to the forums.

Has this only happened with DST, and no other game/program before?

Are you perhaps using/used a bluetooth mouse OR a wired USB mouse? Make sure you only have one mouse plugged in. Before opening DST again, unplug all your USB devices and then only plug in the necessary devices i.e. only your mouse and keyboard (if any). If you have used a bluetooth mouse device before on your PC, perhaps it's connecting to your PC without you knowing so check your bluetooth connections or disable bluetooth entirely if you used a bluetooth mouse before. Then see if you're able to use your mouse properly once you start up DST.

I somewhat remember another report ages ago about Mac Book's trackpad causing issues. If you're using a Macbook, try and disabling the trackpad and see if it works.

Another possible cause is if you have a controller plugged in and it's interrupting your mouse inputs, so try the method in the link below if you do have it.

Klei Support Article: I'm having input issues/controller tips displaying when playing with mouse and keyboard.

I did assume a lot with the methods I suggested, so do clarify what OS (windows, osx, etc.) you are using and what type of peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.) you have plugged in.

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