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Pressure/Vacuum Chambers and air systems

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As with any other suggestion i may make, i understand this game is still very early in development. so i have a feeling that what I'm suggesting might already be on the dev's to-do list, either way...

i'll start with my main idea of the chambers. For a mid to late game station/fabricator have a structure that can withstand a high pressures or vacuum and be able to take in items to process them to create materials and consumables one can use for late game purposes.

or use a multi tile structure to create a large makeshift and shoddy pressure/vacuum chamber room using an airlock and air vent or pump for an intro level chamber.

a use for these chambers could include a pile of sandstone blocks inside of the chamber or as the walls of the chamber to create a source of oxydite the player can place in a newly discovered cave to help fill it with oxygen.

now as for the existing air pumps, i would like to see them have an intake as well as an output. so i could have one pump be able to pull from multiple intake vents upstream, and force air downstream in to any pneumatic system of output vent downstream of it.

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Yeah, I agree with the idea of making pumps a device between pipes, instead of at the end of it in general. It would be far more practical that way, and if the devs are concerned it can make things a bit too easy to not have an intake device right at the source of whatever you're pumping, consider what would happen if a pump suddenly over/under pressurized in whatever control room it'd be stationed, that'd be a lot more catastrophic than the intake version of the pump Ker-sploding off in some corner.

That, and it'd be nice just to promote airflow in a less pump spamming way.

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