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  1. Sure anything you can think for winter would be great. i've done some reading around and I’m thinking of starting a new thread for most common and new thoughts/ideas for winter. Just to help with organization and get suggestions on same page. could do this for all common suggestion but thats too big of a project for me alone
  2. winter could easly at a multitude of items, mittens included(Beefalo hair mittens? sounds fun... and stinky )
  3. best way to make players starve is to not let them have any quickly renewable resorces so to make the player venture for food. ex: trees take really long time to grow so player needs massive tree farm to camp -rabbits bearly respawn - etc. radda radda... you get the picture
  4. glad to see others have the same thoughts also thanks for the welcome
  5. i love it that every map is randomly generated and the map i play is unique(3 mandrakes on the same road within 1 min of eachother near spawn, rare?). I'm slightly tired of this map and would like a new map, but i have no way of saving this world and having another world to play with, more over i would like to let my friends play the map i have and vise versa. so i suggest there be a way for multiple world save files and/or a way to share worlds or keep worlds with seed generation (yes, like minecraft). plus side suggestion of adding bears in forest biomes (they're a little empty) and bear dens. -bears eat berries and raid beehives and are neutral until attacked or you come in between them and food, or just plan hostile. bears drop berries/claw/honeycomb/manure. -bear dens are destructible spawners that yeld stone(high amount)/flint/berries/manure/honeycomb/claws when destroyed. -bear sleeps in them at night, 1-2 bear per den, bears come out when den attacked one last thing, snow biomes and/or winter/snow. what about them? donno... play with the idea. would be fun if you had to keep from freezing to death.