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Keep running out of Algae

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I keep running out of Algae for my Algae Terrariums. I keep around 14 Terrariums and I mine out all the algae around the starting area. I usually run out of Algae on day 40. At this point I only had about 7 dupes and things were ok with oxygen.

I am not a very big fan of turning water into oxygen because it creates clouds of hydrogen which I do not like having around.


But any tips in general about this would be appreciated. Also a list of what to research in what order. Thank you.

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the algea is, in this current build, just a step to tide you over until you have researched and built the hydrogen oxygen setup

the hydrogen can catch you off guard but its a necessary evil if you want a nice oxygen rich base .. the algea will run out like you said

here is a picture of a way you can manage the hydrogen gas, taken from one of my builds

base top 2.22.2017.jpg

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14 terrariums for 7 dupes is way too many. The terrariums are good very early game. After that you keep about 1 terrarium per 3 dupes in the base to clean out exhaled CO2. That's all. Oxygen should be generated from water. Just try a few things out and get a good strategy for setting up the hydrogen cycle going. You're not going to last to longer than mid-game relying on algae for oxygen generation. Plan ahead, use limited, and the right resources when needed.

After setting up a working hydrogen cycle, you can start on getting the slime to algae conversion going.

EDIT: In regards to research, just do them all in other. Deconstruct the research station and super computer when you're done as they generate heat. And you probably want to kill off your scientist at this point for a better long term game dupe. Also, make sure you kill of your artist when you've complete done decorating the base. Artists and scientist are usually high maintenance dupes, and who needs that? ;)

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7 hours ago, Tamedwilds said:

instead of 'preventing' these gases

currently it is advisable to 'manage'  them instead

impractical until now, that pumps have been fixed to output more than one gas at a time. latest build will be like a whole new game with this change

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