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Snapshots and saving on dedicated servers?

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Hi all, I've migrated a DST world with caves from a GUI installation to a dedicated server and while everything seems to be running (bar some nasty lags when 2 players are on the same shard, mod suspected...), some things are bugging me and I would like an authoritative answer, or at least an educated guess.

  1. How am I supposed to shut down a cluster, so that no progress is lost? When I send "c_shutdown()" to just the master shard, the caves shard remains running. If I send it to both shards, then 2 snapshots are created on exit. I tried of sending "c_shutdown()" to master, and SIGTERM to caves - that way, Caves creates just 1 snapshot, but Master shard creates 2... :?
    EDIT: Never mind. Apparently, saving is always done as part of exit procedure, so just sending both shards SIGINT (hit Ctrl+C in its console) results in the expected results - 1 new snapshot in each shard.
  2. Is there any way to list the "names" of available snapshots? Preferably through the console, but parsing the saveindex file would also work, I guess. By name I mean what on the GUI version is listed in the "snapshots" tab of server management window (ie. "Day 436" etc.). Getting other info which is available in GUI version ("late summer" etc.) would be pretty sweet. :)
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