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Beware of clingers

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We all know a clinger in DST.  They are the ones that follow you around like a stalker shadow and consume your food/get some of your loot.  I had to deal with one unfortunately.


Story Time

I was joining different servers and playing with new people.  I joined a server that had good hosts.  They were in the process of building a base for new comers by the portal, while building on their own.  It was early in the game, so they only managed to build a science machine and firepit.  One of the hosts gave me 2 gears.  It was nice, but I just got in the game and I don't have WX-78.  This gave me the bright idea of building an alchemy machine in order to build an icebox and crockpot.  I mean, I had two random gears, so I might as well take advantage and put one of them to use as soon as possible and use the other for an underground base.

As soon as I planned it, a new comer comes in the game. He was a kid (I could tell by the sound of his voice).  He followed me around and I gave him a pickax to mine rocks and make tools since there were plenty of unpicked twig saplings around.  He shadowed me around which was slightly annoying, but I let it slide for a while.  What was super annoying was the fact that he didn't bother to pick up any twigs or grass to make a torch; he had to depend on me to make a torch.  In the morning, I decided to make him a torch and give it to him.  He still shadowed me around as I got gold and rocks.

So I go back to the base to craft the machines.  I crafted the cutstones, but I didn't have a lot of room in my inventory, and I didn't have enough grass to craft a backpack, so I decided to drop the unused rocks to craft electrical doodads.  Then I had to craft cutstones, so I had to drop the electrical doodads in order to do so.  I realized my stupid mistake, so I dropped the gold and went to get the doodads.  Unfortunately, I couldn't see them on the ground, so I decided to craft more with the gold I had, and then I would go back to get gold for an icebox.  He grabbed the gold before I could pick it up, then proceeded to ask where the main base was.   Now I wasn't the host and I didn't shadow them around, so I didn't know the answer and told him.  He left the game with my gold and electrical doodads.  Jerk!

I had to go on a huge hunt again for grass, gold, and rocks.  Take in mind I was Wolfgang, so I was hungry.  I literally had to survive on butterflies, seeds, and the occasional berry bush.  I survived and made the alchemy machine, crockpot, and icebox.  As soon as I made it, the server disconnected.



Moral: Avoid clingy new people in this game.  Coming from someone with a big heart, they will only bring both of y'all down.  Besides, we're playing the game Don't Starve TOGETHER because we want a collective effort; Not one person slaving their butt off while another lazes around and reaps the benefits.  No one wants a parasite. 

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4 hours ago, DimWhat said:

I think our buddy Andrew Ryan has a speech for this.

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So much this!  Parasites are so annoying.

I get that some people are new at the game, but they should probably play offline before they join online.  As I said above, DS: TOGETHER is a collective effort.  I really don't want someone following me around the entire game and sharing my resources.  It's hard enough to feed myself at the start of game, but now I have to feed someone else and craft them tools as well?

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