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Air scrubber makes water vanish

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The air scrubber says that it takes -1000 g/s water and gives +1000 g/s contaminated water .

I stopped all activity for my water (production, food, algae terrarium,electrolyzer,sience etc) , the only thing running was 1 air scrubber and 1 purifier behind it which pumps the water back in the original water tank.

Water was pumped constantly (max bubbles) à 10 Kg water per bubble in the machine, while at the exit there were less frequent bubbles à 1000 g contaminated water. In the tab where the liqid and other ressources are listed , my water number sank rather fast while in max speed.

For around every 4 bubbles à 10kg water I seemed to get 1 bubble à 1000g contaminated water.

Maybe I misunderstood how the machine works, but i thought that it would not consume any water.

On my other save I did the same but with only showers, which should only use but not consume any water, same problem.

Im feeling like im missing something as nobody seems to have mentioned this so far

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