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Could someone make DST arena match videos? And hibernating bearger fight videos? And more edited world options challenge videos?

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^title aaand...

With the amount of pros out there making videos of DST, I don't see jackall that would be about DST mobs fighting each other. Komeny did some for single player Don't Starve, although DST has had new mobs introduced and mobs have had health pools changed, so seeing matches like that would be cool. Some AI could perhaps be changed to fit scenarios better. I tried Dragonfly vs hibernating Bearger (without recoding ofc) and to my surprise, Bearger actually came very close to beating the DST Dragonfly! If Dragonfly had only like 20000 hp, Bearger would ACTUALLY HAVE WON, no joke! On a side-note, it just goes to prove that strong attacks is what matters more than just a pool of hp. Unfortunately, there isn't really a time when you would actually fight the bear in winter or spring, which kinda blows. No real incentive other than the toughest challange you've faced, if you're going with just melee weapons, basic armor and healing foods... although, if PvP was enabled and the players were cooperating, before Bearger yawns, the players could hit each other via torches and stay groggy instead of falling asleep leading to a guaranteed hit... Either way, I would love some epic battles between DST mobs! And more videos of players beating/fighting but failing to beat a hibernating bearger would be awesome too :)!

Question now is, how many chumps want shum of deez kind of vids to be out there?

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