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325 Cycles and more : is it a miracle?

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I've passed my 325th Cycle with my freakin' Nomad base. I've just encounter a big calorific crack at the 300th Cycle, I was stabilize at 150K but a day without reason my plantation ask me a lot of compost and I didn't construct the machine. So 6 of my nine Dups dies but now everything is ok. ^^


Here's a video of my map, spoiler alert, you'll see the asteroïd border limit.


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 Instead of trying to suffer to generate enough pure oxygen, you opted to fill the entire base with contaminated oxygen? That's really cold, but effective. I liked the idea, although I hope the developers give a harsher punishment for dupes that stay breathing contaminated oxygen for long periods of time.

 And, just a question: Are those composts only there for generating contaminated oxygen? Or do you have an use for fertilizers? (are fertilizers an important resource on the game? there are so many refinements buildings to generate fertilizer, but I never felt i really need more fertilizers than i had).

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@ ZakkBR I've digged the map to extand a lot the CO2, which stay now on the bottom of my base, not necessarily to exploit the toxic O2. But since it's breathable, I use it. :)

From 1 to 300th Cycle I didn't use the Fertilizer for my plants because it was no needed. But since the 300th I've a got a calorific crash without raison, my Dups (9) and activities was stable, and my plants suddenly asked me mass fertilizers as you can see :


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