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So the Universe...

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Is it me or does anyone else feel like the game takes place inside a giant space whale?


I dunno...  my head cannon starts up immediately when I play.


In the far future:  The S.S. Whatever has been destroyed, it's wreckage is floating out amoungst the cosmos.  Flashback, the Montgomery Scott character in true Star Trek fashion puts the crew in the transport buffer to save them.  Flash Forward...  The transporter gate floats silently in space, until a large shape emerges from the background...  a huge mouth swallows the gate.  Cut to a picture of an asteroid sized space whale, then back to the gate, surrounded by the stuff the whales swallowed over the centuries.  Cut to the gate display, switching from Enviroment Danger to Enviroment OK, and the crew stepping out of the gate, under ground where the air pocket has formed.  Cut to Title Screen.


One day, my head cannon hopes to have the crew accidentally break into the vacuum of space and get sucked out through a giant blow hole.


Or is it just me?


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That's a pretty creative idea. I envision the backstory being more that the people are either the product of a shameless, amoral consumer absorbed society a la Wall-E. I think the duplicates are the product of a corporation or people that don't care one bit for the lives of the inhabitants of the asteroids they send the duplicates to live on, and are using them as disposable workers to ship back resources or products. I would love to see trading depots in a future update: maybe the duplicates want a Kleistation 64 so in order to get one you need to trade 400 kg of copper or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Alternatively, I could see the duplicates being the product of a science team looking for the artifacts that are buried in the asteroids. Rather than risk their own lives, they send down their clones. 

Also if you like space whales check out Blubber Busters. Space whale hunting metroidvania.

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