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what are all these things? :O

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(i linked some pictures down below) some of these things in the pictures are probably early alpha build (before we could play the game), but some of these things are completely unknown and other ones are just placed with a different angle or with a different look to them. so any idea's from you guys what they are, when they will be added, or if they are from the early alpha build?

Contaminated Oxygen Included.png


Oxygen is included.png

Oxygen also included.png

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9 minutes ago, eggbox1 said:

in the trailer it shows boiling water so i think it might be added in soon as they said they wanted to add more stuff for heat.

Might be smelters !


But for the doors you can already rotate them with O. However upsided down buildings are something that is impossible as of now. On the top right, there are the regular overlays and there seem to be the research tab , job and vitals tab, aaaand no idea what the thing with the virus is. I really hope accumulators will be in the game! But infortunately is just seems like another small battery/regular battery visual

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There are quiet a few resources already in the game that aren't unlocked on the live builds, but are place able trough the debug console.

Things like brick, cement, crude oil, diamonds, electrum and different forms of gold are just a few examples.

Now we just hope content is patched soon, but even if not, the game has lots of potential.

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Some of that could obviously be on the developer branch that we don't have.

Probably a lot of features that still got hick-ups that they need to iron out before they push them to the main branch.

As for the HUD maybe they found the new one looked better? Who knows.

Only time will tell what these things are but I already want to get my hands on them to tinker around.

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