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My Journey to a size 27 population station

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The main layout of my Asteroid from top to bottom:

  • Copper/Coal mine catacombs north (mostly unseen from any pictures)
  • Living quarters northeast (boxes with the food tables, cots, and mess tables)
  • Farming west
  • Algae farms south
  • Water basin far south
  • Algae farm catacombs far far south (not seen at all in any picture)

    Outside of the 'safe area', there is the water depleted east, and the mostly unexplored west. Here's the first picture from where I first decided to start documenting the journey: (I have accepted every new dupe when the printer activates)


    At this point, the south water basin has almost run out; you can't even see the water level in this picture. Attempts to restore it from the not yet depleted west are well underway, but from this picture, the rate of restore is not enough.

Crisiseseses at this point most pressing first:

  1. Water not being restored fast enough even with two purifiers running.
  2. Algae reserves low (solved later through the algae catacombs to the south in a too boring story to share the details about)
  3. farms dying, you can see three of the crops have stiffened due to overheating (but I have so much food on reserve it doesn't matter

    I ended up 'solving' the water problem a bit by getting a better understanding of the water purification process. Mostly with how much water the pumps can provide at once, balanced with how much water pipes and vents can handle, and how fast the purifiers work. I've learned that the purifiers work better when they are closer to the pump. For a little while after the picture was taken I was even producing more water than the colony used.... Then the east contaminated zone was depleted of all contaminated water.

    This next picture is my attempt at creating all the water and algae I need from slime (22 dupes now btw).


    It uses a lot of power, generates almost no water, and wastes the dupes time with the algae it creates. To explain it further, If you have algae harvesting at high priority for any reason, they will run up to these things with a teaspoon, take the little algae it created at that moment and run off with it. Only to have it generate another teaspoon of algae for another dupe to waste his time with. I did sort of solve this by lowering the priority of my algae container for most of the play-through, and building another algae container nearby to waste less time. I just wish they were smarter about this.

    Farming was resolved for now by deconstructing some of the nearby fridges that were causing the temperature problem. I also built another layer to the farm in the colder north. Though I did have to build another coal generator to attempt to help the slime distillers that were stemming the rate at which the colony dies.

    I noticed there was another slime biome to the northwest, but there was no visible water. With no other options my dupes dug a tunnel to explore the area in search for new water, this next image is what they found:


    Contaminated water, and a lot of it. They found even more further west. My initial idea was to try to somehow route this water to the filter system I already had set up, on the other side of the asteroid, but found this would waste too much water and was too far to go. I had to build a new system, and I had to do it fast as seen in the next image:


    This was the planned pipeline to the already built vents, as you can see, there is almost no water left so we are almost out of time. Look at all of the algae that depends on this pipeline getting finished. Also, pardon the mess of pipes and deconstructed nonsense in the bottom right I never did fully clean that up.


    The midsection of the grand pipeline, lots of construction in hostile conditions underway, but it has to be done.


    The good news is, I know how to build purifiers in a way that I can feed two of them at a time with one pump. Six purifiers working around the clock is what it will take to feed the colony with air, so that is what is ordered to be built here. It will take a while, this is quite the facility to be built so far out from the main base. The bad news is...

    Shortly after that last picture was taken, the colony ran out of water completely. All that's left is already in the algae farms, it's a race against the clock, can the dupes get that facility built in time? This is where I leave you for now, what happens next? I already know, perhaps y'all can guess. Truth is, it's getting late, and I'm too tired to finish the story at this time. So, go ahead and guess what happens. Did they finish in time and save the colony? I'll update with the rest and some more picture(s) later.


    The purifier got finished and started mass producing water for my algae crops. With the entire bottom half of the base under CO2 it was not a moment too soon.


    Here's a picture of the water flowing back into the base, and the CO2 starting to be filtered out. Life was good again, and I started to focus on the overall stress level. But it didn't last. Something was running out that I didn't even see coming...


    We ran out of sand, I guess when you have six water purifiers running you go through it pretty fast. I though for sure that I would run out of water before I ran out of sand. My only move now is to make the algae plants run for as long as they can then switch to algae machines to generate oxygen. The only way to take care of the CO2 is to dig deeper, and there were plenty of algae deposits to the south so...


    Dig deeper I did, while at the same time switching to full algae oxygen generation.


    This picture was taken in my base's last 'healthy' moments. Size 27 and all occupants have their own room to stay in. I really wanted to push it to 30, but it's in no condition to move on. As you can see, I have already started deconstruction of some of the inactive algae farms to keep the ones that are still working going a little longer. I did later get another dupe printed but...


    Metradora was the first death of the play through, my farming stopped working not because of atmospheric pressure, but because of overheating. If any of you have any idea why they would overheat now of all times please let me know. I deconstructed most buildings, batteries, and fridges over there but the area ran a good 30 degrees for some reason.

    27 is the record of anyone I have seen so far, but if you have a base that has a higher population than mine, please share it here. I'll gladly hand over the crown :). Thanks for reading.


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