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  1. [OI-234293] Toilet / contaminated water

    Yep, same problem here. Clean water goes in, dupe uses lavatory, water is deleted, no contaminated water is created.
  2. Like it the title; the game will save around halfway through the day. Which is kind of annoying because my colony was doing (mostly) well and was hoping to break my own record of 27 dupes soon. Hydrostation.sav
  3. The Screecher

    As someone posted above. The woman who screams "get that light away from me!" Charlie, is that you? Even Charlie fears the Screecher then...
  4. Wickerbottom's Insomnia

    Actually in order of basic needs you die in order of: Lack of air, lack of water, lack of food and sleep is tied; but sleep is easier to get so is less likely in real life.