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Suggestion for Tooltip Displays

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I think it would help if in the tooltip was a display of what that machine is giving off as a by product. Now hear me out. I know that some of the items already do show up what the by-product is for example the coal generator gives off carbon dioxide, but the storage containers also give off some byproduct, but doesn't really tell us what it is. It seems to be mainly Co2 and Hydrogen and also some minimal contaminated oxygen. I think this would help us with better base designs for efficiency. 

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13 hours ago, Cyberboy2000 said:

Don't the storage containers give off gases based on what is inside them? Like they only give off contaminated oxygen if there is contaminated dirt inside.

Never really connected it with what was inside of them. I thought it had to do with the storage container its self. But not everything shows off what the byproduct is.

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