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Birds, Bees and Trees


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The bees have a bug at the moment- Don't build a bee hive... yet.Bees can be caught with the net. dropping either stingers or honey. At the moment more stingers than honey.Bees are dangerous. Avoid.

Birds.TALL birds. I applauded. No really. I did. I clapped in joy. Their eggs are good source of food. Havent fed one to the machine yet. They are kinda dangerous and give meat when killed.Mostly they are FAST as you are.TreesTHe monster of all monsters.Even trees that you planted are not safe.The larger the tree of origin the larger the tree that comes to attack you. STAY away from the big ones. RUN. JUST run! Avoid. RUN and hope it never finds you. EVER again.Pig armies fall. Armour peels off and they have you for dinner....

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