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Gas Filter not working properly?

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I can't seem to get the Gas Filter to work properly.


Here is my setup:



The idea is that an Electrolyzer splits water in Oxygen and Hydrogen.

The Gas Pump at the ceiling then sucks in the mixture and the Gas Filter should split it into Oxygen and Hydrogen pumping the Hydrogen into a Hydrogen Generator.

Problem is that the Gas Filter only seems to emit the Oxygen while the Hydrogen starts building up in the room.


Any errors in my setup or is this a bug?


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I have the same Problem .. I even tried the gas filter to filter out the oxygen and to pump it into the base. That bit works -kind of -> is producing only a small bit of oxygen-.

Why is it even possible for the higher pump to get oxygen out of the air, when there is a lower pump dedicated for filtering out the oxygen?

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The thing is i think, the gas pump sucks in a tile within range that is compressed enough (atleast 200g or something from what i saw) and the hydrogen is really, really hard to compress. Even with big quantities of it it prefers expanding itself and taking as much dpace as possible, so basically you have many tiles with 90g of hydrogen. 

Try enclosing the electrolyser and the gas pump in a tight room (basically room for just the two devices) and it shall (maybe) work better 

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In case anyone is still trying to figure this out:

The Gas filter only has one gas pipe output.  The middle piece in the gas filter is a built in vent.  Whatever gas type you select to filter will go to the gas pipe output on the end and everything else will be pushed out of the vent that is built into the centre piece of the filter.

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Yep.  So, essentially you have your electrolyzer which splits into oxygen and hydrogen.  You set up a gas pump (the higher the better imo, think they made the hydrogen rise) and connect it like so:

1. Pipe from gas pump to green end of filter

2. Pipe leaving white end to vent for oxygen in a room

3. Pipe leaving purple end (set this to hydrogen) into a hydrogen whatever-the-electricity-thing-is.

Pretty sure the hydrogen electricity was to solve the build up of hydrogen anyway...it uses up hydrogen gas too quickly to beat out coal

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Using this method, you could (theoretically) generate power without needing to touch anything.

1. Pufts produce slime from contaminated oxygen

2. Bio Distillers turn the slime into algae, making contaminated oxygen (1 and 2 sustain each other) and contaminated water.

3. Water purifiers turn contaminated water into clean water

4. Clean water goes into the electrolyzer to produce oxygen and hydrogen.

4a. Use a gas filter to pump the oxygen into your base

4b. Use the gas filter to pump the hydrogen into a hydrogen generator. This will generate power for all the above steps (assuming the generator actually makes that much power, I'm not exactly sure how much it does make.

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