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The Cold Embrace of Death

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I will forever remember this moment in my play history. 

I started a new world. No mods. No changes made to the world to make it easier on myself. I had finally manned up and started playing the game like a professional. There I was, halfway through winter and going strong. Not even the hounds could phase me. I had all the machines up to the Shadow Manipulator thanks to a string of incredible luck in finding resources on the ground and taking out a few angry tree guards for the living logs. I thought for sure I was in the clear. "What could possibly go wrong?" I asked myself as I enjoyed some freshly cooked meaty stew from the Beefalos I just got back from hunting.

And then it started. The distant rumblings and then the sudden shaking of the ground. Thump. Thump. "Oh no." I thought to myself, gathering my most important objects, young Otto Von Chesterfield at my side. "No him. Anything but him."

Be fore I could process what was happening I witnessed my base wall being torn down. My machines destroyed, my chests, my campsite... Everything, gone. And there he was, angry and hunting me down. I started to run, I could just rebuild everything but I was not prepared for death. It would seem that it was at this point my luck started to run out. A Deerclopse of all things. I've only ever fought one while one god mode. I didn't know how to deal with this, and the worst part was that I was alone. No one else was starving with me, it was only me and poor Chester.

Suddenly, in a fit of my panicking, I remembered something. I had not one, but two Fire Staffs back at my base in my chests for such an emergency. I dodged the harsh ice spikes of the Deerclopse and headed back, quickly spotting the gems of the staffs glistening like an angel in the cold ruins of what was once my home.  I picked them up, and turned to face the Deerclopse.

It was at this point I realized setting him on fire was a horrible mistake and I no longer had the option to rebuild my base unless I made it out of ash. I still would fight, despite my losses. I would survive. I was determined to finally make it a whole year without dying. But... The Deerclopse had other plans in mind for me. With a quick hit and no armor, he killed me instantly.

Oh, but all hope was not loss. I had a touch stone near by. I could revive with it, and go back and get my stuff, and fight him and actually kill him. He was already down half health before I died. I could do it! I could defeat the mighty beast! I got to the stone and revived and- Oh wait. IT'S THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. I was harshly reminded of this as I started to instantly freeze to death. I was so close to my base though, surely I could make it and get some wood to start a quick fire. Just a few more feet.

Oh no. I forgot what time It was. It's almost dark out. I need a torch! Except... there's no grass or twigs in Winter. I had picked them all, and there was barely and plants in sight anyway due to me relocating everything in the area to my own personal gardens at my now destroyed base of operations. No. No this can't be happening to me. It's almost dark. I can see it, up ahead, It's my corpse and all my stuff, Grass and Logs is all I needed to make a fire, and I had some Spider Glands for health recovery as well. Maybe my luck hadn't changed after all!


I was hit with a wave of ice spikes from the Deerclopse that was still hanging around.

And That is where my journey ended. The cards of fate all matched against me. I watched in horror as the cold embrace of death wrapped its arms around my falling corpse. And there the message appeared to my ghostly state. "Everyone is dead. World will rest in 100"

I'm sorry Chester....

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Bravo, bravo!  I mean that for real, not sarcastically--the writing was _just_ melodramatic enough to work.  Also...MAN I've been there. Dying in the middle of winter or summer and coming back at a touchstone nowhere near your stuff is AWFUL.  It's pretty much a guaranteed double-death, or, if you've been lucky enough to find both touchstones by then (and are playing singleplayer/can get to them in time), a triple.  UnLESS you've put chests with provisions near the touchstones (or bundled wraps, whatever)...which I almost never remember to do. Heh?

Isn't it amazing just _how_ quickly this game can go from happy to EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE OH MY GOD WHAT DO I DO AAAA!!! chaos?  'Cos it is.  So many deaths in Don't Starve come from times when everything _was_ perfect...and then ten things blow up at the same time!  My personal favourite still being the nighttime/lightning/rain/insanity/freezing/spiders/hounds/moslings death.  Oh, wait! (snaps fingers) The FROGS!  I knew I forgot something.  It was also raining frogs as well as rain.  And SO MUCH LIGHTNING. ON MY HEAD.  WHY.

...I'm dead serious.  This game gives you EPIC fails!  Literally, as in--you can tell dramatic tales about it later.  :)


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