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Gas flow feels extremely slow

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I've noticed that the tile dispersion rates of gases is very low, I'm not sure if it's caused because of having multiple gases. My instance was from having a room full of both oxygen and contaminated oxygen, which was refusing to fill the room below it (4 tile wide hole) which had a fifth of the pressure (2000g to 400g).

Additionally, gases seem to not want to compress when next to another gas that is a higher pressure. I tend to find that I get a lot of 30g or so CO2 tiles with 300-1000g oxygen tiles around them. Since gas is easily compressible, it would make more sense to have any multi-tile gas formations compress in order to equalize pressure. This also applies to vacuums and pressure equalizing of single-type gas bodies, which has an adverse effect on gas pump efficiency and by extension the ability to de-pressurize an area.

As an example, my base ended up with the lower half flooded with CO2 at about 100g per tile, whilst the upper half was a mixture of the oxygen types at about 400g per tile. Oxygen and CO2 probably have different densities for the same pressure, but I'm pretty sure it's not a 4:1 ratio.

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Yes, the gas diffusion definitely needs to be improved, and it's not only when there are multiple gases present.  Observe how slowly the atmosphere spreads after you dig into a cave filled with vacuum.  Ideally, it should rush in explosively (preferably with amusing animations as nearby dirt and duplicates fly around the room).

(And you're correct: oxygen and CO2 have different densities at the same pressure, but nowhere near a factor of 4.  CO2 is denser by a factor of 1.375.)

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Yeah the gas diffusion rate is more like for  thick liquids... I am not sure if it will make the game easier or harder if it was more realistic, but it sure seems weird... In a house if a room went to a vacuum it would only take about a second to come back up to about atmospheric pressure if someone opened a door.... 

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