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  1. Sadly a reload ended this interesting behavior for now =( *edit, exposure to under temperature steam will bring back the duplication behavior but not the phasing through stone, I think that might have been a memory glitch because I had a turbine 2 squares lower and moved it up when I realized I wanted to super heat the steam.
  2. Setting up a steam turbine like this somehow causes a weird duplication glitch. I am sure you can see how it is supposed to work, instead when steam is generated, it somehow phases through the stone into the turbine above, bypassing the locked door and any gas that is covering the turbine gets exchanged with the steam below in the same quantity as the steam that phased through the wall to get to it. I have been using it to dupe natural gas for the fun of it, but I am sure there are other better things that could be duplicated if you desired. The water is not lost, it appears on top of the steam turbine and every now and again I let the couple thousand kilograms of it that have accumulated fall back down by forcing the door open. *There is a pipe that runs off the steam turbine to a pipe crossing and a dead end pipe, don't know if that is necessary, it was running to an outlet but I was thinking the steam was somehow traveling back up the outlet pipe in backwards or something.
  3. 2 grams still has the same issue, but when I bring up the flow to 20g/sec it starts collecting
  4. If you set your valves to 1g it shows as 1000mcg in the pipes and when it reaches a fluid vent it seems to just vanish in my current game. It is venting polluted water, it is 4 squares up, and it is falling on a square with a liquid pressure switch around 100 degrees F. The water seems to fall and then turns into vacuum. 855.sav
  5. When the game runs in the background and in certain instances I am using my computer heavily for other background tasks while the game is running in the foreground, dupes seem to forget to do things like eat and breath. I have dupes fall over dead from starvation with massive amounts of food, and some suffocate, upon reloading if you set the speed low they most often simply walk to the food or to the O2 and continue as they never had the issue, if you catch them doing it, simply slowing the game down will often fix them as well.
  6. I was just noticing after the water had went through my purifier it was still in a very germ laden state. Not so bad for my electrolyzers but kinda bad when using it for cooking mush bars. Had some duplicants get real sick REAL fast.