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Crockpot Food Duplicating


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11 minutes ago, Donke60 said:

Do you have any crockpot mods enabled

Oh yeah, I do. Lazy Man's Smart Pot or something like that. To remember recipes and stuff.

I'll turn it off and see if that's what was doing it.

Edit: That was it! I wonder why it chose that spot to duplicate the food though. Lol

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there was apperently a topic not so recently of when a person turned off a mod (didn't say what it was) all his birch nut trees in his world moved to a new area turns out the the thing that spawns things when it goes awry defualts to spawning things at the origin. So the reason why the food duplicated I'm not sure why casue you said it was a copy and not the original. But that spawn point is the origin point of that map so your base happens not to be to far from there if you want to see the tree thing look up 600 trees the person made a thread on it. 

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