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  1. Chopping Trees

  2. BACON THREAD!! For all you're bacon needs

    Seriously? That's so messed up man. T_T Screw it. Bring your own bacon.
  3. Show us your camp!

    Either a thing or the Maxwell Door. I'm not certain but I think only homeless bees will reproduce the Evil Flowers. Just catch some and release them near the evil flowers. And build a 2 high wall around them or you'll end up with an entire biome covered in evil flowers.
  4. who holds the record?

    According to the Wiki, at day 100+, it's 7-10 hounds every 3-7 days.
  5. Oh my god. Hahaha. That made me laugh something fierce.
  6. I think his actions kind of suit his name haha. That being said, I support Team Krampus.The naughtiness system needs an overhaul but otherwise like Krampus as is.The sack could use a higher drop rate too actually, but that's a gripe for some other thread. (5% or something) I got it on my 3rd or 4th kill but after another 50 or so between all my characters, nothing T_T.
  7. Freaking Lureplants

    I thought it was Waffles?
  8. Freaking Lureplants

    Maxwell has feelings too you know. Just not for any of you. Hahaha.