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Apologies -- Cosmetics Question

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I just died on a server with a friend, and the cosmetic items I had equipped that were not 'Loyal' items are no longer in my steam inventory.

Is this 'working as intended'? I'd like to know before I lose anything else, 'cause if it is, I'm just never going to be using cosmetics and I'll sell them on the market instead.

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I guess you were wearing the Gobbler's Year event skins, like the green pijamas, chicken slippers ect? Because the event finished yesterday and all its skins are gone (only the ones that had the "event" rarity, all loyal and spiffy and other ones, like the dainty coatdress stay). 

In that case everything works as intended.

If you were wearing something that you received from a gift (doesn't matter if common, spiffy or whatever rarity it had) and that disappeared from your steam inventory, that's a bug and you should contact some of the developers, maybe they can help. Note that "event" skins normally don't appear in the steam inventory (not even during the event), just in your in-game collection.

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