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Don't Starve Together Patch 1.11 - 16/01/2017  (PlayStation 4)

  • Winter's Feast has drawn to a close.  Thanks for playing!
  • Added save data backup to restore save files if they become corrupted
  • Added a button for the Rescue action, to help stuck players get unstuck
  • Added the Actions menu to the Social Wheel; it was previously accessible through the player listing sceen
  • Fixed a crash when using a wormhole while wearing certain clothing items
  • Fixed a problem where co-op games hang when trying to connect to a server
  • Fixed the moon phase not showing in co-op games
  • Fixed awarding of achievement for defeating the bearger
  • Fixed a problem where the first player's controls would become unresponsive if they joined a server while the "Disconnected" popup was still on screen
  • Fixed a problem with split screen character select layout when using a non-default character skin
  • Fixed behaviour of the Collection screen in Offline mode

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  • Developer

@Likhamik @conanhjj

Hi guys, I'm really sorry that happened to you. It was an accidental side effect of adding the savedata backup, which was supposed to help keep you from losing your saved data. The irony isn't lost on me :(

All should be working properly now but unfortunately there isn't any way to get those characters back.

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  • Developer

@Likhamik @conanhjj

Rollback won't help with this problem. 

I also misspoke when I said "all should be working properly now"; I meant after the next patch (1.12) coming by the end of the week  - hopefully.

In the meantime I think you can avoid the issue by taking it slow when signing in your players when the game starts. Don't be in a hurry to button through as quickly as possible (mash "Play offline"), and instead wait a few seconds (say 15 or so) before signing in the second player.

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