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  1. Well, time to go back playing the PC version..I enjoy the console experience more but, this is ridiculous at this point, if this is bad, whats to expect for future DLC (for standalone game) on this
  2. Now Here's proof, to the right is the sinkhole that's blocked, Idk if we're waiting for a patch or if this can be fixed immediately, but a response from devs would be appreciated for these issues. -Update- Three dedicated servers are now unjoinable. And we are still on the Halloween update.
  3. No what they NEED to do is fix the issues on console right now, Three dedicated servers are unjoinable and they're still on the Halloween update. (didn't even get the Christmas update btw) Don't add on to a list of problems, fix stuff first please.
  4. Here's proof, to the right is the sinkhole that's blocked, Idk if we're waiting for a patch or if this can be fixed immediately, but a response from devs would be appreciated for these issues.
  5. Any ideas when this will be resolved? Also, one of your servers can't be joined. (PS4 East 2)
  6. But can you play the game with a keyboard?
  7. I've seen some games on PlayStation with mouse support and just wondering before I go and buy myself a wireless keyboard set. If not, this honestly would be another optional way to play ( not gonna lie...typing on the console is terrible versus the pc version )
  8. I searched the surface 3 times now just to make sure I wasn't just imagining this and turns out that I was right, not a single piece insight. I was told that the Suspicious Marbles are always on the map somewhere and I've seen em on other servers so I know the ps4 version isn't behind in updates and my game is on default, so why don't I have any? Is there another way to obtain these sketches from tumbleweeds or does fighting the Rook, Bishop, & Knight only trigger the sketches to spawn from tumbleweeds?
  9. Had the same problem but instead of a pet in the way, its the fireflies in the pond.
  10. I figured she'd be able to craft and collect resources faster than any other character and her tape ability would also repair armor, I'm glad we got a new character, but I'm disappointed about her perks, sewing kits can easily be obtained in the mid/late game which makes this new item useless. Dodging Charlie's attack once a night can be used in plenty of unprepared situations without a light. Honestly, all I see is a beginner character that helps struggling players who are new to this game and for players that lack the kiting skills to fight hounds and for those who forget to make a torch. Faster crafting is just a plus. I love her character design. I suggest: Collect resources and craft faster/ Dodge Charlie's attacks once a night/ Tape fixes armor and clothing/(This is an extra idea) Craft any tool (maybe even outfits/armor) with half the resources. She's never going to be played by me, but I guess as of right now she's useful for beginners and will remain at the bottom of the list of characters I'd play as (My opinion).
  11. Wolfgang is my main (trying out Maxwell as a 2nd main at the moment) and Wigfrid was my beginner character when the game was released with these extra characters. I enjoy them both from their cons/pros to their appearance and personality. You can't go wrong with extra damage or health regain from fallen foes (or 25% more defense) in game.
  12. I hosted a game and a few people joined and I couldn't view their character or kick em in the scoreboard.
  13. I Remixed Working Ruins Ost

    Thank you!
  14. So I got off of work at 2 Am and thought to myself, "hm... I'm tired" So I took a nap, woke up at 3 Am from hunger and out of nowhere I had a random music brainstorm! (I get those so rarely now! ) So I decided to waste 4hrs making this remix, rendering a video, & like 4 hrs in proceeded to upload it on youtube! Sadly though, I didn't eat so um..I'm gonna go do that... and sleep Sorry for the sloppiness. I got very tired so it's obvious the video was rushed but the music wasn't, Gn. I'll try better next time.
  15. The Gods from above has praised us with an update! My Mighty Arms thank you!