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  1. Why can't we use our other hand to hold stuff? ( Dual Wield Shadow Swords or a Weapon Lantern Combo ) & Why do we live outside instead of houses? ( Does our hunger for Food & Knowledge blocks the idea to live peacefully in cozy homes made from the finest marble material? ) ...... Why does Wolfgang love going shirtless in mighty battles?
  2. I hosted a game and a few people joined and I couldn't view their character or kick em in the scoreboard.
  3. It would be nice to get some skins every once and awhile seeing as how updates are less frequent nowadays, but we gotta understand that they're busy with other projects.
  4. I Remixed Working Ruins Ost

    Thank you!
  5. I suggest Wilson. He's Balanced and simple to use for beginners and for experienced players. His Beard perk is useful for first winters & his hair style just makes me jealous of his swagger. He's Balanced so his attacks aren't lowered or increased, honestly, If I didn't have Wolfgang..Wigfrid would be 1st and Wilson would be 2nd just because of how much easier it is to play the game without losing hunger fast or going insane quicker or even low health (annoys me). Wilson is really basic but can be used to benefit anybody if played right. That goes for any character tbh. You gotta have a preference and see what you're good at and blah blah lets eat meat!
  6. So I got off of work at 2 Am and thought to myself, "hm... I'm tired" So I took a nap, woke up at 3 Am from hunger and out of nowhere I had a random music brainstorm! (I get those so rarely now! ) So I decided to waste 4hrs making this remix, rendering a video, & like 4 hrs in proceeded to upload it on youtube! Sadly though, I didn't eat so um..I'm gonna go do that... and sleep Sorry for the sloppiness. I got very tired so it's obvious the video was rushed but the music wasn't, Gn. I'll try better next time.
  7. The Gods from above has praised us with an update! My Mighty Arms thank you!
  8. Did more research and found out that the sound happens with different tools too.
  9. I can't wait for this to be on console. I can finally play on official servers again. Im mighty btw.
  10. Puny Shrimp King will give me Mighty Weapon!
  11. My muscles provid- ok really though, keep up the good work everyone.
  12. When I chop trees I hear the switch tools sound. In the footage provided (sorry about the low quality, turn the volume to the max to hear the sound clearly) you'll hear the tool switching sound at the start of the chop and at 96% and 90% of the axe's durability. When switching to any tool your suppose to hear a sound, but they are not supposed to make sounds when using the tools in game. I have never heard tools make sounds like this in the Pc version or in the orginal Don't Starve game on console/ Pc. Tool Switching Sound When Chopping Trees.mp4
  13. I tried leaving and rejoining the server and its still stuck on the loading screen.
  14. I was in a dedicated server ( Ps4 East 3 - Klei Official) and I tried entering a cave. Its been about five mintues since I went in (and Im sure this isn't normal) and I've yet to get out of the loading screen.