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Mr. Higgsbury II

Help with decompiling bytecode

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I have an old copy of the game and I would like to try and decompile it. It's in bytecode and I had a link to a tutorial for it, but unfortunately it looks like that page doesn't exist anymore.


I would really appreciate if anyone knows how I could go about decompiling it. I've done it before, but I might not have the tools anymore.




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7 hours ago, Mobbstar said:

Maybe you mean something like this?

I am not sure how SCiTE helps with decompiling bytecode.

That seems about right, and I tried it. However, I have know idea where its putting the decompiled files. Where is "dec_C:\" as opposed to "C:\"\

EDIT: Hang on, it seems I cannot drag a drop. So i'm OK now. Thanks!

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