Bug report: A Change in Course level crashing


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I closed this thread to prevent it from turning into a big bug / issue dump that is hard to track and follow up on. To report a bug, please make a thread for your individual issue (hopefully after checking / searching to see if it's already been answered! We also sticky large / common issues to the top of our forum until they've been totally solved. When you report a bug it's helpful if you title your post as:

Bug - Describe the bug here

Thanks everyone!



Hey, love the game. Quick bug report. On the level "A Change in Course", after destroying the gas machine and getting the mission to open the gas vents, if I die while trying to do the mission, the game crashes when trying to get me back to the checkpoint (HUD is seen but black screen). I think it happened when I tried to restart checkpoint too rapidly, and since then it happens repeatedly. I'm playing on an Asus G50vt.

Thanks! Keep up the good work.

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It happens every time I have to restart from checkpoint IF I haven't opened a single vent. Once I open any vent I think a new checkpoint is written so I don't encounter the issues. I have finished that mission. Just replayed it for completion and crashes at the same checkpoint.

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