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  1. It happens every time I have to restart from checkpoint IF I haven't opened a single vent. Once I open any vent I think a new checkpoint is written so I don't encounter the issues. I have finished that mission. Just replayed it for completion and crashes at the same checkpoint.
  2. Edit: This only happens if you haven't opened any vents.
  3. EDIT FROM COREY: I closed this thread to prevent it from turning into a big bug / issue dump that is hard to track and follow up on. To report a bug, please make a thread for your individual issue (hopefully after checking / searching to see if it's already been answered! We also sticky large / common issues to the top of our forum until they've been totally solved. When you report a bug it's helpful if you title your post as: Bug - Describe the bug here Thanks everyone! -Corey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey, love the game. Quick bug report. On the level "A Change in Course", after destroying the gas machine and getting the mission to open the gas vents, if I die while trying to do the mission, the game crashes when trying to get me back to the checkpoint (HUD is seen but black screen). I think it happened when I tried to restart checkpoint too rapidly, and since then it happens repeatedly. I'm playing on an Asus G50vt. Thanks! Keep up the good work.