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Smouldering Fires

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Ispin69    50

Can anyone confirm that they only happen during summer (i believe so)?

What if a player is not active in the area will it still happen?


I have my main base, my summer base and a drying rack area. Three separate spaced out areas with flingomatics. I have tons of sticks to fuel them but it's a bit much to protect all three areas.

Usually I leave flingomatics on at my base all summer. I try to stay at my summer base in the desert collecting cactus/cactus flowers and clearing the rocks. I have my stuff prepared for dragonfly (2 ashes/14 gunpowder) but I do make occasional runs back to main base to deposit tumbleweed loot and refuel my flingomatics at base.

I am worried about the third area where I have 60 some drying racks (right next to frog ponds to farm them and next to savannah so if I have a boss fight beefalo, there will be 90 some meat and I will have drying racks for them). I don't visit this area during summer but I have flingomatics for them. Do I have to turn them on if I am not active in the area? I had one drying rack in my main base get burnt but the flingomatics saved the other ones, guess that one was barely out of range.


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Mobbstar    14078

There's a mod that lets you see the flingo range by examining the machine, if you are interested.

As for wildfires, Maxwell preferably spawns them near Wilson, but you should leave the area before summer if you want to be completely sure.

In the end, only leaving enough space between things can reduce damage when it happens.

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