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That aren't necessarily about game objects. Firstly, Willow's name. She is named after a tree. And she's a bit of a pyromaniac. This amuses me greatly.

Another thing is, at night, when I am in my little camp, having a fire lit and all that... I just now started to hear a sound besides the fire crackling. I hear something that sounds a lot like snoring. I tried venturing out of the light circle the fire provided, until I see the text "It's too dark!" and then head back as quickly as possible, until "I can see again!" pops up. Then... That noise when you have no light on can be heard. And to me, it sounds like someone taking a breath, just as they are about to wake up. The "snoring" stops for a moment, then begins once the other sound is gone. I'm hoping I'm not the only one noticing it. Any theories on what might be the thing that is scared of our fire and attacks us when it's pitch black?

I'm thinking vampire.

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