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BUG - PS4 - Cybernetic Augment Drill user-interface is glitched, cannot destroy installed augment

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Hi @Jason and/or @JoeW and/or @JanH

I found another UI-related bug in the PS4 version of the game.

Basically, the extra "augment drills" located behind the Vault door in the Cybernetic Lab do not allow their specific function to happen. The UI is glitched in such a way that it only allows the choice of an extra augment slot, nullifying the point of even accessing the Vault Lab. 

It seems to read as if the Drill was a basic Grafter ; it displays an error saying that I can't install the augment (NO FREE AUGMENT SOCKETS), even though the Drill is about destroying the existing one. As you can see, there is no "button" to destroy ; I tried selecting the augment itself, but pressing X does nothing. 

So yeah. Another UI bug that screws up a function of the game. Would be great if a fix was added to the upcoming patch!


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JanH    7194

Thank you for the report; we are aware of this UI bug and the fix for it is included in an upcoming patch for the game. 

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