toxic platypus guardian!

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so, you are walking through the woods, and you see a blue blob stand up and-- you sit there and watch your health drop!

Guardian platypi

so, a guardian platypus would spawn next to a relic and it will act like a protector, just struting around the ruins of... well thats up for disscussion. anyhow, if you aproach it, it will start spiting venom, protecting the rubble.

they like to doze off though, so you can make your move while they sunbathe. if you use a pickaxe on the relic, it will drop gold, rocks, and sometimes, red gems. if you use a shovel it will reveal a treasure chest under the ruins. open it up and you will get anything from a swarm of butterflies and butter, or nothing at all. relics will spawn up to 1 guardian platypi at a time

guardian platypi will be wearing jewery and are cleaner than wild platypi,have the same attacks, and have the same drops, plus, a small chance to get an amulet.


Wild platypi

wild platypi will rarely spawn in forest, marsh, and savanna biomes, and will travel the isles, looking for a relic to protect. since they travel across the swamp, they will avoid tentacles, as if they can see them...

wild platypi possible relics:

meat effigy

pig house


tallbird nest

seince machine

wild platypi looks dirtier than guardian, has the same attacks and the same drops, excluding the amulet.


platypi behavor and game changes

they are hostile to the player, and attack by spiting venom (ranged) or by slapping you with their tail.

they can "see" tentacles and will avoid them.

when wild they will run from any mob (except the player) unless it is guarding a fake relic

when you deystroy a relic (pickaxe) they will chase you nonstop (like tallbirds when you take their baby)

they drop meat, and venomous fangs

venomous fangs are used to make a meat trap

meat traps are made with 1 (raw) monster meat and 1 venomous fangs

spiders, hounds, pigs, and any meat eating mob in the game will try to eat the trap when placed. fangs will flow toxins through the mouth and kill the monster; loot.

thanks for reading meh suggestion, feel free to suggest improvments, and give me some art tips too! these are my first pieces of art on the forums! :3 bye!

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I like the gameplay perspective but, I'm not really digging the cosmetics of it.

And you kind of posted when the forum is least active so, just wait till tomorrow.:)

okay. thank you for replying. Edited by pokebirds
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