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Collection of Hardcore Survival Mods

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For all those fellow DS players out there who like hardcore and realistic survival, I thought it might be a good idea to put together a thread that contains a list of realism mods. I've been playing more DST than DS recently, and so don't have any immediate mod ideas at the ready, but possible things that I believe might be good for more realism could be:

- Thirst

- Mandatory sleep

- Exhaustion

- Rivers, waterskins, rain barrels, etc.

- Elevation (although probably only in my wildest dreams)

- Takes time to build a fire

- Getting sick

- etc.


Basically, the mods we might list would be ones that add realistic features to the game. If anyone wants to suggest any that don't necessarily add to the game, but tweak features to be more realistic, then by all means go ahead.


Hopefully we can make a good list to aid in our struggle to survive realistically! :-D

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