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The Problem with the War Saddle.

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Hi Klei and Forum Members.

Most uf us love our new Beefalo friends, some ride them until their legs decay, some feed them until they explode and some, like me, use them in battle.

There is also an interesting item that raises the damage of your Beefalo, the War Saddle, but now comes the problem.


A Beefalo deals 34 damage (like a wild Beefalo or a spear)

So you need 3 attacks to kill a normal spider: 34+34+34=102 damage (a spider has 100 health)

So, if we now use the War Saddle on our docile or pudgy Beefalo, we get additional 15 damage: so 34+15=49 damage

So how many hits we need now for a spider?

49+49=98 ...so the spider has still 2 health left, so we have to attack the spider still 3 times, even with the War Saddle...

hm... lets look at other mobs:


Frog: 100 health

- hits without war saddle: 3

- hits with war saddle: 3


Bee: 100 health - the same

Mosquito: 100 health - the same

Killer Bee: 100 health - the same


Batalisk: 50 health

- hits without war saddle: 2

- hits with war saddle: 2


So on weak mobs that swarm you in high numbers the War Saddle does absolutly nothing for you in terms of damage.

If the Damage bonus gets raised to 16 (only 1 point more), all those mobs:

bees, spiders, frogs, killer bees, mosquitos can be killed with one hit less, that is a huge deal.

If you can kill something with 2 hits, instead of 3, especially when you have to fight tons of them and in big numbers at the same time,makes things not only easier, but more time efficient.


Now on mobs with more health like:

Tallbird: 600 health

- hits without war saddle: 18

- hits with war saddle: 13

So as you can see, the War Saddle starts to get more useful, lets add 1 additional bonus damage to the saddle.

- hits with 1 additional bonus damage war saddle: 12


So, the difference of that 1 additional bonus damage is small on medium and high health mobs, but it is significant on low health mobs and I suppose most of you don't fight Deerclops or Clockwork Bishops with your tamed Beefalo, but low health creatures instead.


My suggestion is: please give the War Saddle 16 (instead of 15) bonus damage for your Beefalo friend.


The War Saddle requires: 4x Steel Wool, 4x Rabbits, 10x Logs

So 1 additional point of damage would be justified for such a "high tier item".



You can also use an ornery Beefalo, that deals a bit more damage,

but the War Saddle should also be used with docile or pudgy Beefalos, they have feelings too T__T

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