New Ruins generating screen + bugfixes

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 I know that DST and Shipwrecked are very important at this moment, they have bugs to fix and stuff. But what about vanilla/RoG? There are some bugs like Koalefants not running away from players. Some time passed and it's still broken :/

 And here comes a suggestion: Unique ruins loading screen and music! When new world is generating, there is something like Earth rotating and those weird sounds are played. When entering caves for first time there is something even more cool, with amazing "music". But Ruins... It's just "Generating caves" with the same screen like before. What about some new, unusual sound effects and different sprites? Look at this:

 Surface world: Day, starring rabbit, berry bushes/Night with spiders and spooky grave
 Caves: Light flowers, fancy mushrooms and Bunnyman/Dark depths, where batilisks and spiders live

 Ruins should have their own, fancy loading animation. What about showing wilds biome with Splumonkeys, lichen, mushroom and ponds during calm phase of nightmare cycle and shadow creatures (Terrorbeak will do), broken clockworks and statues covered in nightmare fuel during nightmare phase? It would be amazing and booty-full!


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