Recent Updates Have Un-Balanced The Game, Making It No Fun To Play

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I have been playing Don't Starve for a long while now and when I first started playing it was a lot of fun, at first it was a little too easy, then after the update where dogs were added it seemed perfectly balanced. However since recent updates it seems like there are too many high level monsters, without new tools or abilities to help fight them off. I think that the game is now so unbalanced that it is no fun and I honestly don't enjoy playing it. I keep waiting for a new update that adds something that makes play just a hair easier. Such as difficulty levels, new armor, or new weapons; I can't speak for anyone else but I think there needs to be something that helps balance out all these new aggressive creatures and "improved" creatures that are supposed to make the game harder.

Lady Nimue

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Which monsters are you referring to? The only monster I can think of that has been added after the hounds is the Krampus, and he hardly ever appears until late on in the game. Don't Starve is supposed to be unforgiving, and in fact the vast majority of people on these forums make suggestions for making the game harder. Obviously you're entitled to your own opinion, but I think the game is still lacking real difficulty.

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This game is slightly too easy if you're going on a good pace, so I don't think that it's necessarily hard.

There's multiple weapons in this current game;

fire darts, sleep darts, tentacle spike (stronger than spear)

Other traps include:

Bee mines, tooth trap

Keep trying, even if you are dying, and you'll Sooner or later breeze through the game.

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It saddens me everytime someone suggests the game to have difficulty levels,or to......*deep breath* make the game easier.Right now,Don't Starve is still *relatively* easy.Getting food is not a problem if you know what you're doing,and once you find out the way to effectively kill every creature in the game,nothing besides a stupid mistake on your own end could stop you.Krampus is a pushover,the spider queen once you get her attack pattern is easy to dispatch,unless you get ganged up by 6 of them,even then you have hope to survive(I lived after killing 6 of them,in one evening,AT THE SAME TIME).My advice:Practise more.You might die often when you first start playing,but always keep in mind that DS never and I repeat never has been advertised as an easy survival game.

Don't Starve is supposed to be unforgiving

This sums the game up.

PS:Sorry if I sound harsh or like a douchebag,but people should know what they get into before they buy a game.And like I said,try to practise the game more.Learn the enemy patterns,how to get food effectively,stuff like that,it's a matter of tail and error,and though you might still die often,it will pay off,eventually.

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