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Not exactaly steam trading..

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so me and my friend are playing DST. he gets a courdoroy shirt and wants to trade it in. with the little joystick  in the trade in room he moves his mouse and he moves it up,click,up,click,down,click,left,click,right,click. Then he got a shirt that says cheater. if he even clicks it itll say cheater in a diolouge box. can anyone confirm if he is lying or not also please attach a pic of it.

it is untradeable on steam



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Just now, catboiFTW said:

he is not on right now. when he gets on i can ask him for it. i doubt there is any other way to find if this skin is real or not but to go inside the code

I tried looking for it, but found nothing. At least, not with how they usually call the T-shirts inside the code.

I think your friend might be pulling your leg, but let's see if he has any screenshots or not :p

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