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  1. nice mezukie! here is my character Name: Arith Background: 29 year old kind of insane scientist. He has been locked up in his laboratory almost his whole life devoting his life to the "scientific reasearch of a pig/human hybrid animal. ( he has weirder theories)" As he is kind of insane this caused him not to have much friends but his little brother, Chase. hobbies: SCIENCE Personality: weird,messy,cocky and slightly insane but still a good guy. rugged button up shirt and messy brown hair, bags under eyes Extra:he makes the BEST turkey eye dinner! Existing characters: Arith = catboiFTW Seth = mezukie SECOND CHARACTER Name: Chase Background: A small boy who was never seirious and always jokes around. he ran away from his home with his older brother, Arith at only 6! he is four years old and loves food and animals. Is VERY scared of the dark. hobbies: playing with animals eating exploring Personality: adventurous, kind, wild, hungry, nice has short blonde hair and is short and small (ddespite how much he eats) Extra: is scared of his brother Existing characters: Arith = catboiFTW Chase = catboiFTW seth =Mezukie
  2. do you still want to join my RP

    1. Mezukie


      Of course! Just posted my character ^^

  3. lol dat overreaction do By the way Mezukie are you making a spider lady character?
  4. sure read the first post i made then copy and past the bottom part and insert the info
  5. if 20 people type R.I.P in this chat i delete my klei forums account
  6. sleep sweet me nobody is doing th RP i might as well delete my account XC
  7. thanks i just spent half an hour making a story. u joining or what? or if you are just here to criticize dont plz =D
  8. So as you have probably read in the title i am thinking of starting a new RP adventure called ALONE. It is a story about X characters stranded in a weird land who have each been tricked to coming. They each had their own desires coming on to this island but as they embark on this journey they realize there is more to the world than just themselves and everything they love. Copy and paste the text below and edit it to show your characters personal info then post it on this forum. we start on march 29th =D Name: Background: hobbies: Personality: Extra: Existing characters: Arith = catboiFTW only have a max of 2 characters.
  9. I am starting a new RP adventure does anyone wanna join?
  10. wait so icekitsune is the owner? ill PM her
  11. where is survival of the fittest? is it in tales of life and death? Thanks ill be sure to do that
  12. sure why not idk where to start so ill ask chris when he is on
  13. sleep sweet me ;-; no shark limb pie then =C
  14. i feel a urge to join this epicc roleplay adventure. i could be a chef? or a insane guy? or a shark who brutally eats all of you? idk just let me know if i can join beceause i reeeeeallly have nothing better to do