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Hello there once again!

I've hang out the wiki for a while and saw some threads about hell, yet none about heaven... So, let's start with my wild imagination!

There could be a gateway to heaven whitch would form from a Science machine and an Alchemy machine (If they're close engough to eatch other), it would activate, once you got all the things researched, and maybe made some sort of a totem that you have to burn or something like that.

The heaven could be almost as i suggjested with hell, It would be like islands of clouds, there wouldn't be walls, since the cloud would stop somewhere, and you would see some blurry ground or water. No need for a roof, since that could just be some blue sky and stars (without other clouds "up there").

For mobs, there could be Maxwell there, whitch could turn out friendly, also, there could be all of the mobs you killed, but sort of a ghostly form, they would all be peacfull towards you and eatch others, you couldn't kill any of them becouse they're already dead :D There could also be a heaven castle with some guards that would attack you if provoked stealing from the castle attacking Maxwell, attacking other guard). The castle would work like a different world, once you come close to the door, there could be an animation or maybe you would walk in, and it would load.

There could be rooms with godly armor/wepons/medalions and othere magic thingies. If you guys like this idea, i'll try to think about it more, and come up with some plants or new mobs!

Sincerely- Makss

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I dunno, I always imagined the island you're on to be purgatory. Endless dying and restarting, but forever trapped on the same place just doing the same thing again and again. So yeah, I just imagined that the characters had done something in their lives to stop them from getting into heaven.

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What i always imagined is for example, Wilson and Maxwell might be arch enemies in the past. Maxwell is a demon, probably from hell. So Maxwell tought to give some tough payback to Wilson by creating his little realm, putting him there and be there for all eternity maybe?

There probably won't be any feature to beat the game by probably finding a way out of Maxwell's insane world. But i might be wrong since this is how i imagined... Same for all the characters maybe.

I'm neutral with this suggestion tho. Kinda creative.

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