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Exporting with krane issues.

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It's possible these particular animations are simply not fully representable in Spriter. Don't Starve's native animation format supports any 2D transformation, whereas Spriter only supports translation, rotation and scaling. This means animations using other transformations (such as shearing) simply cannot be converted.


I cannot be sure without looking further into this particular case, though, and I'm afraid I won't have the time to do so.

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Did you use the Sample Character folder to create your?

And are you sure you have the same size for every images you used?

I had the same problem few days ago. I downloaded the sample character again and put it on my desktop. Then I copied/paste all my images except the .scml, replacing all images by mine, changed esctemplate.scml by my character name, and everything was fine. It seems the .scml file was bad in my folder.and everything returned back to normal when I used a new fresh folder of the sample character!


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