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  1. Not shipwrecked compatible yet sorry! Many knows issues were fixed on the steam version. Gonna upload it here too soon.
  2. Just downloaded the file and tried it on DST and it worked. Have u tried it in DS? It crashes on DS, since it does not support it yet. Fixing the blessed ''item'' right now and will translate it to DS after. If you crashed on DST, maybe you can provide me your crash log so I can see what happened to you.
  3. Aye! Modders! This is a short guide that points out many differences between DST and DS version. I just decided to create this little tutorial to help some of the modders that would like to translate their DST mod into a DS, which of course can be done inversely. It won't be hard stuff, as I don't know much about coding and started with zero knowledge in Lua. The purpose of these writings is just about sharing and helping. Still, I hope this WILL help. Let's begin. First your should seek for your mod folder and I assume you already know where it should be. We will set every change in the following section : *Modinfo *Modmain *Character *Items/prefabs Modinfo : Modmain : Character : Items/Prefabs : Feel free to be constructive and point out what you know about translating DST to DS. I know this short guide is not complete, but everything has a beginning. D4rkh0bb1T
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=659454031 A Fungi Garden Trip! With this mod, you can create your own mushroom farm! And even more, you can build a bigger farm with bigger mushroom trees! Configure your options and you're ready to go! ***The Crafting Tab will be under you Farm Tab!*** Note : Do not try to catch the mushroom tree spores. Let them light the night! This mod is included within The Korrigan mod! This mod was made by Mahdwolfe.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=659459255 The mandrake king! Spawn babies and attract fireflies! Gather all the resources to craft the mandrake king! The mysterious tree will spawn mandrakes around him. Legend says it attract fireflies, how can it be? He even glows at night, which makes him a very strange tree among the others. Configure your options and you're ready to go! ***The Crafting Tab will be under your Farm Tab!*** This mod was made by Mahdwolfe.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=659430087 All Artwork by Mahdwolfe. This mod can be found on DS version here. (Upcoming link) Be charmed by this less-negative characters, because we like to play and have fun They are the Korrigan Twins, Ada&Hadabra! Choose your gender and play! They are good scavenger : They know how to quickly gather resources and run much faster than normal. They possess a great knowledge in Nature. Thus, they can craft their own potions, which allow them to be more powerful than they seem. There are 13 potions to craft in totality, each one tweaking different parametres and mechanics of the game. A configurable option is at the player discretion, leaving them with the choice of the light potion color. The Korrigan loves mushroom; They've learn to build their own mushroom farm to supply their need of mushrooms when it comes to craft the potions. Some of them prefer them big, really big! You can build a bigger farm with bigger mushrooms! A configurable option is at the player discretion, leaving them with the choice of the spawning method. (***The Mushroom Farm can be used as a standalone mod, along with the great Mandrake Tree.***) Also, the twins can craft their own hunting knife under the tools tab. Indeed, the hunting knife is not claimed to be a giant killing machine, but rather to hunt little creatures such like birds and rabbits. A great way to harvest the feathers they need for their potions. This mod comes with custom sounds for the characters. Yes! A funny goblin talking voice will make your travel really unique. And uh... they also have a unique talking yellow color. Perks : *Craft their own potions & hunting knife *Fast Runner *Scavenger ***Mushroom Farm mod included in the character HUNGER : 200 SANITY : 200 HEALTH : 150 LIST OF POTIONS Hunger Potion Refresh Potion Thermal Potion Health Potion Sanity Potion Armor Potion Light Potion Speed Potion Water Potion Violence Potion Beefalo Potion Arachnid Potion Invisibility Potion *** Players choosing this mod are aware of the risk it may causes. Please, report any crash/bugs that may occur, we will find a way to fix the issue. Do not try to catch the mushroom tree spores! Just let them light the night! Again, have fun. Rate and share the character if you like it! *** Upcoming update : *Custom Speeches Mod made by D4rkh0bb1T and Mahdwolfe
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=572474263 All Artwork by Mahwolfe. !!!Last Update - December 22nd 2015 - Including !!! --->A new Recipe Tab! Craft your own secret stone! --->The Stone has a bigger Red Light! Use it on the ground as a Night Light. --->INVISIBILITY - No one can arm the philosopher. --->The Stone consumed itself. Here, meet with V.I.T.R.I.O.L, the philosopher. The man who's pure in the heart and speaks his prayers by Night. That is my very first mod, custom speeches and so on. (Wilson base) Thanx to my girlfriend for helping me in the Artwork. Thanx to Thibooms and Lumina for their quick answers on Klei forum. I hope he is not OP, but you'll find it by yourself. hehe Flaws : - He hates spoiled food. - He has low sanity. - You'll get addict to the stone Perks : - High base fighting skills. - Low sanity fighting&speed boost. - Starts with his Philosopher Stone. (Last Update : Craft it at the beginning) The Philosopher Stone : - It is your personal Amulet - Emits a red light. - Makes the wearer faster. - VERY fast sanity drain. Tell me if you like. Post suggestions. This mod was made by D4rkh0bb1T and Mahdwolfe. Upcoming : *A new blessed "item" which let the player regen some sanity. *Suggestions are welcome!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=572523907 The Reptilian. (DS-DST) All Artwork by mahdwolfe. Engage the realm of Don't Starve with this beast - The Reptile, MAHD. Flaws : *Its a Cold Blooded creature, which means cold hurt him very badly. *He hates spoiled food. *Tagged as a Monster - Of course *Night drains his sanity. Perks : *He can Level up by eating Dragon Pie, thus increasing his overall stats. *A Light is emitted by MAHD on his first travel, losing it on death. (Need to be fixed) *Because of his reptilian scales, MAHD is protected against wetness. Scales do not get wet. *He's a Sun lover and doesnt get overheated by it. That's the creature all about ! Enjoy and have fun. Share with friend and comments are welcome! This mod is made by D4rkh0bb1t and Mahdwolfe.
  9. Anyone managed to make the Oval Portrait working in DST? I created my bigportrait which works when I choose my character, but then, the Oval thing does not work, what I see inside the portrait is another character from the list. I edited the .xml file after compiling everything as explained in the tutorial. Please help!
  10. I haven't played the game during the last 4 months or so. Now, I see a lot of people having issues making their own character. I also noticed a new update with the Extended Sample Character on steam, which I haven't made, just wanted to know more about the new features and stuffs. It seems new files are apparently screwing up people's new mods. I just ran the game with my own character and everything was working properly. Anyway, what are those bigportraits/[character]_none.png and images/names_[character].png. I still don't have them on my mod and it works.