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how can i take my world files

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Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(Your Steam Number)" and then copy, move, whatever, the file named "219740", to wherever you want it. That's the world file, with all your saved data. If you want to load it up, just put that folder back in the (Your Steam Number) folder. The import option in-game doesn't work for me, but maybe I just did something wrong.

I should add though that you shouldn't Save Scum. (Continue using a world once if you die by saving it and loading it). It isn't as great as it seems, and honestly ruins the fun of the game. I keep a lot of my worlds, and have them saved in various places, but just for different characters and when I wait for updates. Save scumming sucks :(

Also, the (Your Steam Number) folder SHOULD be the only folder in the "userdata" folder.

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