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How long do spider dens retain damage?

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I am killing spiders, getting monster meat, cooking, and researching in order to research stuff, so I don't want to destroy the only spider den near my base (I destroyed the other 6 or 7 or so in days 1 - 5). I want to kill the spiders though, so can I hit the nest once, get them to come out, kill them, strike it again for another 1 or 2 and then come back the next day and do it all over again or will eventually the spider den get destroyed?

In other words does spider den health regen or reset after 24 hours or so or when?

Thank you. :D

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My impression was that nests either don't regain hitpoints or regain them rather slowly. I'd previously observed that it takes about 1-3 game hours (30-90 RL seconds) to regenerate one spider in a nest (might be tier-based. Most of my careful observations are on tier one nests for reasons I feel should be apparent) but it's 5 spear-hits (Definitely specific to tier 1 nests) even over a time approaching 1 full day-night cycle (7-8 minutes... Starting at night and continuing into the following day.)

I had decided that until I had more opportunity to collect detailed data, I would assume that spider-nests and trees only regenerate when they make a life cycle transition (i.e. raise a tier.)

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